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Discussing and organizing an exhibition at La Colonie : an open and shared process

 The collective Suspended Spaces was invited by Kader Attia to organize an exhibition at La Colonie. It which will take place on the second floor of La Colonie, in a space dedicated to artistic projects.

 The need to create a new way of working again all together about those issues related to how emotion and shape could take place within the contemporary political narration, which were left over in the public environment during the three last decades, makes the invitation of the Suspended spaces project at La Colonie completely relevant. What could be the process of an exhibition « being thought and achieved», if not a constant testing of our perception of reality and our ability to publicly share it? This fundamental field of emotion, abandoned after having been at the center of the appropriation in the public and activitst debates from the end of the 60’s until the early 80’s, has today almost become a chimera, wandering from one mouth to another of the populist speeches. » (Kader Attia)


We invite some selected researchers and artists to a series of meetings so as to make the organization of this exhibition the subject of a collective and public development, and so as to make visible a preparation phase. Showing? What could be chosen to be showed? How to show? For whom? We will have to invent a specific form which could fit with the place that welcomes us and also a special, discussed, negotiated methodology, shared with each one of those who take part ; we intend not only to design an exhibition but to set up a research about exhibiting.

The last public event took place on  Saturday  29 April 29, 14h-17h30.

La Colonie, 138 rue Lafayette, Paris 10e

  The date of this meeting at La Colonie was a bit special: between the two rounds of the elections. Our discussions took a political colouring by the coincidence of the calendar, we insisted a little, by exceptionally hanging our habits in this suspended time.

   In addition to the group already formed around the collective Suspended spaces, we invited two persons to intervene: Romain Bertrand, historian and specialist of the modern and colonial Southeast Asia, and Eric Fassin, sociologist who works on the politicization of sexual and racial issues.

These two guests consulted the archives of the documents that have been brought on the occasion of the first two meetings, where political and artistic issues were thought from these proposals which have been "exhibited" (art works, documents, objects, texts), from this "impossible" colonial exhibition project.

It was attended by

Bruno Nassim Aboudrar, Nadine Atallah, Romain Bertrand, Catarina Boleiro, Tiphaine Calmettes, Cécile Camart, Collectif Arts Visuels Debout, Antoine de Mena, Marcel Dinahet, Eric Fassin, Maïder Fortuné, Caroline Ibos, Valérie Jouve, Jan Kopp, Jacinto Lageira, Bertrand Lamarche, Daniel Lê, Françoise Parfait, Rachel Scheffer, Stéphane Thidet, Eric Valette, Christophe Viart.

The three first meetings at La Colonie,  Saturday December 17, 2016 and saturday January 21, 2017 and March 11, 2017 have driven our thoughts on a deliberately provocative title : a colonial exhibition. We thus proposed to link the word colony itself and the space of La Colonie in a concrete collective process : each member of the group brought and presented an object, a text, a gesture... « something » which could respond this title. Our discussions have departed from this visual and sound material.


We confronted all together our respective works, until they define a dangerous and electric crossing point, to clarify them, question them, make them resonate each other. The word « colony » is neuralgic because it creates an uncomfortable area to artists as well as to researchers. That risk and that discomfort, collectively and very pragmatically faced by matching a word and a place, can generate energy, ideas, complex forms. La Colonie is a word and a place that commits us to a political position, exhibition.

Archive of the propositions - meeting n°1 (December 17, 2016), meeting n°2 (January 21, 2017) and meeting n°3 (March 11, 2017) soon here

It was attended by

Meeting n°1 : Bruno Nassim Aboudrar, Nadine Atallah,François Bellenger, Catarina Boleiro, Cécile Camart, Marcel Dinahet, Charlène Dinhut, Maïder Fortuné, Olivier Grasser, Caroline Ibos, Valérie Jouve, Jan Kopp,  Jacinto Lageira, Bertrand Lamarche, Daniel Lê, Françoise Parfait, Mira Sanders, Ann Stouvenel, Myriam Suchet, Stéphane Thidet, Melis Tezkan, Eric Valette, Christophe Viart.

     Meeting N°2 : Nadine Atallah, Catarina Boieiro, Tiphaine Calmettes,

     Collectif Arts Visuels Debout, Marcel Dinahet, Maïder Fortuné,

     Bertrand Lamarche, Daniel Lê, Françoise Parfait, Ambre Pittoni,

     Rachel Scheffer, Melis Tezkan, Eric Valette.

A first informal meeting took place Saturday, November 5, 2016. It was attended by

Anne-Laure Amilhat Szary, Ziad Antar, Nadine Atallah, Kader Attia, François Bellenger, Juliette Bouveresse, Cécile Camart, Marcel Dinahet, Charlène Dinhut, Caroline Ibos, Bertrand Lamarche, Daniel Lê, Bruno Nassim Aboucar, Françoise Parfait, Ann Stouvenel, Myriam Suchet, Melis Tezkan, Eric Valette


- A project of residency in Fordlândia, Brazil, Summer 2018

Preparation trip in Fordlândia and Belterra,  Brazil, August 22 - September 4, 2017

News from Suspended spaces

Exhibition : Suspended spaces, une expérience collective

 16.06.2018 - 02.09.2018

At the BPS22 in Charleroi, Belgium

Opening 15.06.2018

Ziad ANTAR, Kader ATTIA, François BELLENGER, Filip BERTE, Marcel DINAHET, Yasmine EID-SEBBAGH, Maïder FORTUNE, Lamia JOREIGE, Valérie JOUVE, Jan KOPP, Bertrand LAMARCHE, Lia LAPITHI, Daniel LE, Armin LINKE, André PARENTE, Françoise PARFAIT, Sophie RISTELHUEBER, Mira SANDERS, Stéphane THIDET, Eric VALETTE, Christophe VIART, Mehmet YASHIN.

The BPS22 welcomes the collective on the occasion of the acquisition by the collection of the Province of Hainaut  of a set of artworks realized in the frame of the Suspended spaces project

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