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Niemeyer 4 ever

Niemeyer 4 ever

Exhibition Suspended spaces

Beirut Art Residency - La Vitrine

from november 7, 2017 till january 2nd 2018

24h/24 - 7 days/7

373 rue Pasteur, Gemmayze, Beirut, Lebanon

Where usually, a shop window offers itself as widely as possible to the gaze of passers-by, Niemeyer 4 Ever proposes a vision device that transforms the shop window into a camera obscura. Black, opaque, the window becomes reflection of the street surface. Encouraged to approach and stick his eyes against the glass, the viewer must make a voluntary act to go and see.

Three videos shot in Oscar Niemeyer’s architecture in Tripoli (Rachid Karamé unfinished fair) and in Niteroi (Brazil) are continually streamed. They were realized on the occasion of two residences of the Suspended spaces collective, in Lebanon and in Brazil.


  1. Jan Kopp, Courir Niemeyer, 3‘42, 2013

Video made from recordings of several artists (Maïder Fortuné, Nesrine Khodr, Marcel Dinahet,…) who participated in the spring of 2012 to Lebanese stage of the Suspended Spaces project, on the site of the Rashid Karamé unfinished international fair, by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer in n Tripoli, Lebanon.

  1. Marcel Dinahet, Sur les toits (Tripoli-Niterói), 2’11, 2014

Running on the roofs of the architecture of Oscar Niemeyer, in Tripoli (Lebanon) on the dome of theRachid Karamé fair and in Niterói (Brazil) on the platform of the Museum of Contemporary Art, gives a 360 ° view of the environment where these architectures are settled.

  1. Eric Valette, Boa Viagem, 3‘20, 2014

The video was shot in the MAC-Niterói (of Oscar Niemeyer) in Brazil. Models and the shooting were done in collaboration with the students from the Universidade Federal Fluminense