Suspended spaces#2

Suspended Spaces #04 – Le partage des oublis

Suspended spaces n°4 - Le partage es oublis 

Editions Sistema Solar

Lisbonne, 2018 / 

en français et portugais

21x 27 cm, 494 p. (ill. coul.)

Contributions by Vasco Araújo – Stefanie Baumann - Paola Berenstein Jacques - Romain Bertrand – Juliette Bouveresse – Ângela Ferreira – Luciana Fina – Dilton Lopes de Almeida Júnior – Jackie-Ruth Meyer – Marie-José Mondzain – André Parente – Lúcia Ramos Monteiro Delfim Sardo – Raquel Schefer – Susana de Sousa Dias – Éric Valette  – Ana Tostões - Luiz Guilherme Vergara 

Suspended spaces # 4

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Continuing its research on our modernities, the Suspended spaces collective has been interested over the past four years in certain questions that are still ongoing, impenetrable, even obscured, and which could partly explain the current state of intellectual and artistic debates, whether they are related to postcolonial studies, spatial turn, visual anthropology or connected history. This book focuses in particular on connections between stories and territories: France, Brazil, Portugal and the former Portuguese colonies in Africa. A sharing of forgetting.

Five exhibitions in Brazil (MAC Niterói), France (Saint-Ouen (Mains d'Œuvres) and Albi (Centre d'art Le LAIT), Portugal (Palácio Pombal) and Coimbra (Círculo de Artes Plásticas) are presented in synergy with the researchers' theoretical questions

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