The MaNifeSTo


An independent collective, moveable though based in Paris, Caen, Brussels and Berlin, set up above all with the desire to work together and with other international artists and researchers.

This project functions in neither a hierarchical nor a centralized way, but rather in an organic and arboresque manner. We look for haphazard encounters and interests and passions which overlap.


Produce works and writings, bring together artists and researchers, organize residencies, round tables and conferences, screenings and exhibitions, and produce books and events.

We see artists as researchers and we believe in the importance of the artistic and philosophical discourse about, and way of looking at, the contemporary world.


We posit the hypothesis that objects, or more precisely spaces, exist which we have called “suspended spaces”, and which merit displacement.

This merit is based on precise, albeit not easily “nameable” features which lend it a paradigmatic dimension capable of giving rise to artistic and written productions.

These suspended spaces are spaces whose development has been hampered for reasons to do with political, economic and historical conflicts. They are sensitive, fragile, temporary spaces, and as a result they make the artistic way of seeing things necessary, relevant and legitimate; they concern us all.


We believe in the necessity of displacement as a method, and in looking at things from a different standpoint. Becoming off-centered both symbolically and geographically. An approach linked with a real situation, a physical confrontation, and a common experience, shared in the field.

We do not target a place, a territory or a suspended space; we are invited there out of our encounters. In our turn, we entrust this experimentation and displacement to individuals: artists and researchers.


We work with the budgets we obtain. The project is adapted to opportunities but we create opportunities through the encounters we request and the project description we provide to our partners: we do not wait, we react.

We do not have any economic overseers, we are as independent as possible from the market and institutions. There is no obligation to produce immediate results.

The artists and researchers who work with us are not pushed to produce, but rather invited to dovetail their concerns with those of the project, and prompt discussions, works, writings, and ideas.

We try to describe the diversity of these productions in publications.


We are not bound by timetables, we do not work in a rush unless we have decided to, we take time to let ideas evolve and relations form, time for meeting and discovering works, writings, places and people.

Our project has a time-frame, and if it is punctuated by public goings-on, it is not a slave to it.

Brent Klinkum, Jan Kopp, Daniel Lê, Françoise Parfait, Éric Valette

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The Manifesto

Who are we?who_are_we.html