Exhibition Sortir du livre

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Sortir du Livre   

An exhibition proposed by

Suspended spaces.

Artists :

Basma Alsharif / Ziad Antar / Leonor Antunes / Marwa Arsanios / Kader Attia / Bertille Bak / François Bellenger / Filip Berte / Marcel Dinahet / Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh / Maïder Fortuné / Lamia Joreige / Valérie Jouve / Jan Kopp / Yannis Kyriakides / Bertrand Lamarche / Lia Lapithi / Daniel Lê / Armin Linke / André Parente / Françoise Parfait / Sophie Ristelhueber / Tania Ruiz / Mira Sanders / Stéphane Thidet / Eric Valette / Christophe Viart / Mehmet Yashin

The collective Suspended Spaces brings together artists and researchers to work from fragile geographical territories, left apart from the modernity. Constituted after the Famagusta's experience, a Cypriot ghost-town, our group has been invited to move to Lebanon, and more specifically to Tripoli, on the site of Oscar Niemeyer's unfinished international Fair, then in Brazil where a new work has been initiated. Each step has led to residences, art works, meetings, exhibitions, conferences, publications.

The exhibition Sortir du livre is not a review of our activities, but a new way to present them and to establish relations between them. An experiment which weaves ties between the works, draws axes and articulates perspectives. To do that, we wanted to change the scale, change the format.

So we propose to Sortir du livre to insist on the works ; Sortir du livre to extend or replay the pages entrusted to artistes in our publications ; Sortir du livre to find a new way to exhibiting the research.

at Mains d’Œuvres

1 rue Charles Garnier

93400, Saint-Ouen

Métro: line 4-porte de clignancourt

Line 13-Garibaldi

Bus 85: stop Paul Bert

Velib’: Station rue Bianqui

from september 3rd

to october 11th, 2015


september 3rd

performance-concert by Yannis Kyriakides

open from  thursday to sunday,

from 2 pm  till 7 pm